DCeased: Hope At World’s End #1 Review

Having waited over two months for the conclusion of Tom Taylor’s DCeased: Unkillables, the writer shocked us all today by revealing a brand new series in the universe would also start today, as his latest one ended. DCeased: Hope At World’s End came out of nowhere and caught me off guard, but I wasted no time in reading the book and seeing what Taylor had come up with for his next tale in the zombified DC universe.

The latest series in DCeased started off showing us Jimmy Olsen’s view point as the events of the first DCeased book, released in 2019, played out. We got to see Jimmy experience the outbreak first hand as he watched Perry White consumed by the virus in what was a heartbreaking moment.

As can be said about every other character throughout the DCeased univese, Taylor did an excellent job in how he portrayed Jimmy and getting to see Olsen take charge and lead a group of survivors to safety was fantastic.

I’ve always believed Jimmy Olsen is a gateway for us readers into the DC universe, Olsen is one of us experiencing the events of the DC comics first hand and it was nice to see him take charge in the chaos and not shrink into the background like many would have expected of him.

The book didn’t really do much other than lay the ground work for future issues, but it did a great job in doing just that and the teaser at the end of characters such as Black Adam, Hawkman and Black Manta taking on the ‘Anti-Life Army’ has got me looking forward to the next issue in a book I had no idea existed until earlier today!

Bravo Tom Taylor, you’ve done it again.

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