Joshua Williamson Set to Leave The Flash

Since DC’s Rebirth initiative kicked off in 2016, Joshua Williamson has been the lead writer for the company’s main The Flash series. We’ve seen Williamson in the role for almost four years now and the writer has done some truly great things during his time writing the speedster.

All good things must come to an end though and earlier today Williamson announced he would be leaving the title after his 101st issue with the book.

Williamson’s original goal was to write 100 issues of The Flash so the writer’s decision to leave after the 101st issue does make sense.

His tenure on The Flash’s title has seen the introduction of several new characters in Central City, including Godspeed and Paradox. Williamson’s run has given us Lightning Strikes Twice, Flash War and Year One and I’m excited to see how he concludes his run on the book with Finish Line shaping up to be one of the biggest Flash comics in recent years.

Speculation on who will take over The Flash title is sure to begin soon and it will be interesting to see who takes over from Williamson and while Williamson has said it won’t be the last time he writes The Flash character, but he’ll reveal more on that later.

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