DC’s Three Jokers Release Date Pushed Back to August 25th

After waiting what felt like forever for Geoff Johns’ Three Jokers title, it seemed we were finally going to get the chance to feast our eyes on the highly anticipated book.

Having first been hinted at all the way back in 2015 during Darkseid War, the concept of there being three Jokers was revealed during DC’s Rebirth one shot that kick started the Rebirth era and while it went largely unmentioned during the years since, the book was finally set to be released this June, but unfortunately, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, DC have revealed the book has been pushed back a couple of months, with the new release date set for August 25th.

While it’s a shame the book has been pushed back after we’ve spent so long waiting already, it’s understandable, especially during this whole Coronavirus pandemic.

The recently released sneak peeks at the upcoming title have me feeling extremely optimistic about the series and has raised my expectations for the book.

The title is sent to be an absolute game changer in the DC universe and will most likely have long lasting ramifications on Batman and his world, so what’s an extra two months to wait… I have no doubt it will be worth the wait.

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