How DC Are Helping Comic Book Stores

With the world currently on lockdown, comic book stores have been forced to shut, putting their futures at serious risk.

Without the regular income they get, there’s a growing worry throughout the comic book community that many comic book stores can’t afford to last during this lockdown and we may not see many of them reopening once this is all over.

Incredibly, DC Comics have decided to help out and have donated $250,000 towards helping comic book stores, making sure they survived this situation. It’s heartwarming to see one of the giants in the industry helping out and hopefully we’ll see others like Marvel and Image follow suit.

As well as donating $250,000 outright, DC Comics publisher Jim Lee is spending the next 60 days drawing up different DC characters each day and auctioning them online with all the money made being put into comic book stores as well.

To see DC’s chief leading by example in such a way is encouraging and will hopefully lead more artists to join in. The more money put towards comic book stores the better as the industry that’s brought so much joy to so many would drastically change forever without the local comic book stores.

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