Is Daredevil set to appear in Spider-Man 3?

When Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix show was cancelled I was gutted. I loved the show and feel like it repaired a lot of the damage, in regards to mainstream opinion, caused by Ben Affleck’s 2003 movie. I thought that this was the last we’d see of Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdoch and I was gutted about that as I feel like he did an excellent job in the role. However, recently Kevin Smith shared a rumour online, it is strictly a rumour so far so I’m not getting too excited, but Kevin Smith shared a rumour online that Daredevil would be appearing in the upcoming third film in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man series. It would make sense for Marvel to introduce Matt Murdoch now, as he could fill the role as Peter Parker’s lawyer after Spider-Man’s identity was revealed at the end of the last film and he was framed for the murder of Mysterio. Murdoch’s background as a lawyer would make this a great opportunity to use the character and it wouldn’t surprise me to see Marvel capitalise on this opportunity.

Although they are set in the same universe, there’s just as much chance that Charlie Cox won’t reprise the role as there is that he will. Daredevil has been finished for over a year now and it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that Cox has moved on from the role and isn’t willing to step back into the character. In my opinion though, if Daredevil is going to be involved in the next Spider-Man film then Charlie Cox will almost certainly be back. I’d love to see him back in the role and introducing him into Spider-Man’s world could create an interesting dynamic between the two vigilantes and it would be fun to see their contrasting takes on fighting crime.

For the time being, these rumours will continue to be just rumours, but hopefully we’ll get more concrete news soon and we can either finally put these rumours to bed, or we can get the confirmation we’re hoping for and gear up ready to see the Man Without Fear return to the Marvel universe. I’m hoping for the latter!

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