DCeased: Unkillables #2

Writer: Tom Taylor

Rating: 9/10

With DCeased: Dead Planet announced recently, it was almost easy to forget there was a story currently going on within the DCeased universe, but DCeased: Unkillables #2 has made damn sure no one will be forgetting it anytime soon. This is my spoiler filled review so if you don’t want this issue spoiled for you please don’t read ahead!!! SPOILER WARNING.

I can’t stress enough how much I love Tom Taylor’s work in this universe he’s created. Every single issue has found the perfect balance between heart felt, terrifying and down right exciting. This issue was no different and I loved the insight we got into how our two groups of heroes and villains came together and bonded over several months. The growth we saw from several of DC’s best villains as their ice cold hearts were slowly thawed away by the wholesome children at the orphanage made for an incredibly heartfelt tale.

It wouldn’t be a DCeased book though if we managed to get through the entire issue without some truly horrifying moments occurring. Starting off with Vandal Savage’s gang seeking solace on a remote island, it wasn’t long before it was all interrupted and we got an incredible look at a zombiefied Wonder Woman and she truly looking terrifying. The way she just tore Vandal Savage in half was so damn bad ass as well. We got to see Captain Cold display some of the heroic nature he has been known to hold and the way he sacrificed himself to let the others escape was moving. Having him become infected and kill Mirror Master when he came back to rescue him was a tragic end to their friendship.

With the rest of the group escaping and joining Jim Gordon’s little team at the orphanage in Bludhaven, it was nice to see how the two teams slowly came together and bonded over several months. Even having the villains form close relationships with several of the orphans made for a nice touch. Having Mirror Master return to the orphanage and infect Bane was shocking and I absolutely loved how Deadshot sacrificed himself to save one of the young boys from Mirror Master. Having Deadshot die a hero was something I enjoyed and it felt true to the character.

All in all the book was incredible and I’m gutted there’s only one issue left in this mini series! We have Dead Planet to look forward to, but I just want Tom Taylor to just continuously write stories in this universe until the end of time!

Thank you!

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