5 DC comics heroes I’d like to see in the Arrowverse next!

Over the last 8 years, we’ve seen an exceptionally large number of DC comics superheroes brought to life on the small screen and introduced into the Arrowverse. Starting with Arrow, we’ve seen a large variety of of heroes from Green Arrow, to Firestorm, to even Superman introduced and while the amount of heroes introduced is impressive, there’s still an entire universe of superheroes out there just waiting in the wings. Waiting for their opportunity to leave their mark on the Arrowverse universe. With that being said, here’s 5 DC comics heroes that I’d love to see brought into the Arrowverse next.

5.Booster Gold

It’s actually crazy to me that we’ve now had 5 seasons of Legends of Tomorrow and we’re yet to see any sign of Michael Jon Carter in the Waverider. The greatest hero you’ve never heard of is without a doubt one of the most criminally underutilized characters that DC have to offer. Originally from the 25th century, Booster Gold steals a Legion Ring and time travels back to the present day, using his knowledge from the future to become a hero. The whole time travel element to the character makes him a perfect fit for the Legends of Tomorrow cast and I’d love to see his transition from a selfish vigilante, purely in it for the fame, to an honorable and truly caring superhero, play out on the small screen.


Throughout The Flash’s 6 season run, we’ve seen numerous different speedsters appear in Central City. We’ve seen the first 3 iterations of The Flash, Barry Allen, Wally West and Jay Garrick. We’ve even seen Jessie Quick. I’m incredibly surprised that despite all of this, Barry Allen’s speedster grandson from the future, Bart Allen, is yet to appear. Bart Allen A.K.A Impulse, would be a great addition to The Flash TV show and despite the fact we’ve seen the show use the time traveling speedster trope to introduce Barry’s daughter Norah, I’m still holding out hope that the show could use a similar story line to bring Impulse into the Arrowverse. Impulse is a great character and deserves the limelight, for a short while at least.


With The CW’s core demographic being teens/young adults, it’s baffling to me that we’ve yet to see Zatanna show up in the Arrowverse. In my opinion, Zatanna has the potential to lead her own show. While she is a hero, Zatanna is also a magician and I feel like using the whole magician angle could bring an entirely new set of viewers to this show that aren’t really into the whole superhero shtick. You wouldn’t just get fans of DC comics, but you’d get viewers that are purely into the magic side of things and want to watch a show about a young female magician. If written properly and marketed correctly, the show could give off a Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibe and that can only mean good things for The CW and for the Arrowverse.

2.Green Lantern (Any of them)

Now I know that there is currently a Green Lantern TV show in the works with HBO Max, I’d love to see John Diggle’s journey expanded on. In the Arrow finale, we got to see Diggle discover a Green Lantern ring and after the longtime tease that Diggle was in fact John Stewart, I’d love to see a TV show focusing on Diggle entering the world of the Green Lantern Corps and becoming the great Green Lantern he would go on to become. The show could feature Hal Jordan in a bit of a mentor role and with Diggle announcing his plans to move to Metropolis at the end of the Arrow finale, the show could frequently crossover with the upcoming Superman and Lois show. Who doesn’t want to see a Green Lantern show?! Especially one that would feature both John Stewart and Hal Jordan.


Come on, did anyone really expect anyone else at number 1? With the announcement of the upcoming Superman TV show and the recent introduction of Batwoman into the Arrowverse, it seems like it’s surely only a matter of time before we finally get to see Bruce Wayne in the Arrowverse. We now get to see Gotham on a regular basis, so with Batman’s stomping ground already brought to life, it makes sense for The Dark Knight to return home and resume his crime fighting mission. We’ve seen Kevin Conroy portray a much older version of the character, so I can’t see why we can’t get Batman in his prime in the Arrowverse. He could even appear in Batwoman at first, before branching out into his own solo show soon enough similarly to how Superman has been integrated into the universe. Also can you imagine the numerous World’s Greatest crossovers we could get with Batman and Superman? God it sounds incredible!

Well, that’s the 5 superheros I’d love to see brought into the Arrowverse next! There were several other names such as Wonder Woman and Aquaman, but I felt these 5 definitely have the best chances of actually being brought into the universe someday soon!

Thank you!

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2 thoughts on “5 DC comics heroes I’d like to see in the Arrowverse next!

  1. I’d start watching any show that had Booster Gold come in. I’d really like to see him get a DC Black Label Movie dealing with the corruption of fame and money, but I’d 100% watch anything he was in!

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    1. Hell yeah, me too! I love Booster and think he deserves so much more mainstream love! Yeah I’d love to see him in his own movie, but don’t want to get ahead of myself so I’ll just take a tv show at this point!


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