The Flash #751 Review

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Christian Duce
Rating: 7/10

After last week’s bumper sized issue, we got back into the thick of things with this week’s issue of The Flash. The book did a nice job of moving along the Paradox story quite well and it’s setting up the future quite well in my opinion. Godspeed was an interesting side character to the story and having him revealed to be a double agent, working against Paradox, was a nice touch in that it stayed true to the character arc we’ve seen August Heart embark on. Godspeed is an incredible villain and I really enjoyed his time as a member of The Flash’s rogues gallery, but August Heart is a much more interesting character when he’s by Barry’s side, fighting against all his villainous instincts.

The issue did a nice job of further developing Paradox as quite an exciting villain and not just some flash in the pan foe. Paradox feels like a big deal, he feels important to The Flash universe and he feels impressive and there’s not much I could ask for out of a comic book villain. Especially a new one. The one handed beat down we see Paradox give out on first Godspeed and then later The Flash, really helps to build up the character as a major player going forward. The art during the fight scenes was absolutely incredible as well and Christian Duce did an absolutely fantastic job.

Joshua Williamson said that his entire run on The Flash was building up to this Paradox story and so far, you can see that through the story he’s been telling in these first few issues including the character. It feels important, like there’s legitimately high stakes on the line. The ending of the book, with The Flash waking up in some unknown place and encountering his mother, has got me pumped up for the next book and I can’t remember the last time Williamson’s Flash run got me this excited for it’s next issue!

Thank you!

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