Batman #96 set to introduce new villain, Clownhunter.

Since taking over from Tom King on Batman #86, James Tynion IV has wasted no time in putting his footprint in the Batman mythos. In his first several issues, Tynion IV, alongside Jorge Jimenez, have added a couple of new characters into Batman’s universe. We’ve seen the introduction of The Designer, a new Batman villain currently unleashing his master plan on Gotham and we’ve also seen a new Joker sidekick, Punchline. Punchline is shaping up to be an incredible addition to the universe and has already proved to be a handful for Gotham.

It appears the pair aren’t finished there though, as it was recently announced that a brand new villain would be introduced in Batman #96. Clownhunter, pretty badass name, is set to show up on Gotham in several issues time and the name kind of gives a hint on what we can expect. Although stated as a villain, the name Clownhunter gives the impression to me that this new character will be some sort of vigilante who’s sole mission it to take down a The Joker and his new army. The hunter aspect of the name implies that maybe the character will use a deadly force that puts him in Batman’s crosshairs. His first appearance will be in the second part of Joker War so he will obviously play an important role in the story and I’m hoping he is a worthy addition to the Batman universe!

We haven’t gotten a first look at the character yet, but hopefully his design is as badass as his name!

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