Is Henry Cavill really going to join the MCU as popular X-Men character?

The latest rumours floating around the internet have hinted at Henry Cavill jumping ship from the DCEU to the MCU. Known for playing Superman in 3 DCEU movies to date, Cavill has long been rumoured to have left the role behind and now the word on the grapevine is he’s set to take on the role of a very different superhero.

With Captain Marvel 2 recently greenlit, rumours broke that Cavill was set to appear in the movie as none other than popular X-Men character, Wolverine. With Disney’s acquisition of Fox, it became a matter of when the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters appeared in the MCU and now it seems like we may have an answer to that question. While the rumours are nothing more than that, rumours, more often than not there’s usually weight to such reports.

It will be strange seeing anyone take on the role of Wolverine after Hugh Jackman spent just under 20 years making the role his own. Hugh Jackman is Wolverine and he’s left some incredibly large shoes to fill so if Cavill is to take on the role then he’s got a huge task in front of him. If Cavill does take on the role of Wolverine then I think we can officially confirm his departure from the DCEU and close the book on his time as the man of steel. While I’m not sure if these rumours will prove to be true, I’m more than happy to just siback and hold any judgement on Cavill’s fit for the role until after we’ve seen him taken it on.

Hugh Jackman has left very big shoes to fill.

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