With Dan Didio gone, what does the future of DC comics look like?

Last week longtime co-publisher of DC comics Dan Didio left the company after 10 years in the role. It’s the latest in a series of moves with the company restructuring as several high ranking executives have been laid off recently. With comic book sales struggling, it makes sense that DC want to try shake things up a bit and see what they can do to right the ship. But with Didio now gone, where does DC comics go from here? Here’s my thoughts on what the company could do.

The first thing DC needs to do is decide whether to leave Jim Lee as the sole publisher for the company or whether to bring in another co-publisher to partner up with Lee. After working alongside Didio in the role for 10 years, Lee may have earned the right to take the reigns and run the ship alone. He’s obviously familiar with the role and may be the best person to turn things around for the company. However, logic suggests that for DC to truly shake things up, they need a fresh face up top. Someone with the ability to take things in a different direction and someone trusted enough that DC are willing to give them time to do so. I personally think Geoff Johns would be an excellent choice for the role. Responsible for some of the best comic books runs in recent memory, Johns has shown more than enough that he’s capable of taking DC comic characters in the right direction and he knows exactly where the company should be heading. His recent work on Doomsday Clock and the way the end of the book seemingly set up the DC Universe’s future was just another example of Johns knowing where DC needs to go and because of this I feel like he’d be the perfect candidate to get DC comics back on track.

Geoff Johns could be the man to turn DC comics around.

Another thing I think DC could do is cancel the upcoming 5G initiative. I haven’t come across a single comic book fan who’s excited about the 5G initiative that we’re set to see arrive in the coming months. No one wants to see their favourite characters aged up significantly and replaced by much younger counterparts. 5G is set to lose DC comics many of the people still reading their books and that isn’t something they can afford to do right now. Rumour has it that 5G was Dan Didio’s project and something he was pushing heavily himself. There’s talk that numerous people inside DC aren’t happy with the idea of 5G so it’s quite possible that with Didio’s exit the 5G initiative is canned and we head in a different direction with our favourite characters at the helm. This would be a wise decision in my opinion.

With the rumours that AT&T and Warner are looking to sell DC comics, I’m hoping that they are able to right the ship and get back on track. I love these characters and I love the DC universe so let’s just hope that whatever DC decide to do, the future is bright.

Thank you!

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