Is Marvel really about to take over DC comics? My take on the recent rumour.

With Dan Didio stepping down as co-publisher of DC comics, DC seem to be at a crossroads. Comic sales are at an all time low and there’s talk that unless DC’s upcoming 5G initiative is successful, DC could cease publishing comics all together. I’m a huge DC comics fan. It was characters like Superman and Batman that encouraged me to pick up my first ever comic book and I haven’t stopped reading them since. With this revelation there’s been talk that Marvel could take over DC comics and own the rights to publish comic books on the D.C. characters. Is this just the latest silly rumour or is there some truth to this tale? Here’s my take.

The sudden departure of Dan Didio at DC comics has kickstarted numerous rumours about the company’s future.

I don’t believe Marvel will take over DC comics, at all. More than that, I hope they don’t! I love both comic book companies, but to see them together just wouldn’t sit right with me. I think if anyone could afford to buy the rights to DC’s biggest characters it would be Marvel’s parent company Disney, but the idea that AT&T and Warner would be willing to relinquish the rights to publish such a wide variety of such popular characters seems highly unlikely. Characters like Superman, Batman, The Joker and Wonder Woman are huge money makers so surely AT&T and Warner won’t want to relinquish the rights to publish new stories on these characters. After all, it’s the comic book where all the most superhero mediums such as movies, video games and tv shows take their inspiration.

That being said, it seems pretty clear that DC and Marvel are working towards a possible collaboration in the near future. Doomsday Clock #12 stated that Superman would face off against Thor and a “green behemoth” (Hulk) in the year 2030 during the secret crisis event, an obvious play on DC’s love for ‘ crisis’ events and Marvel’s infatuation with ‘secret’ events. Then in Thor #2, we saw mention of a “league of gods” hinting at the Justice League and talk of a god of the sun, a god of emerald light, a god of speed, of dark, of the ocean and of strength, all seemingly referring to Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Batman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman. We even see what appears to be Superman taking flight from the top of the Daily a Planet building. It seems to me that the world’s two biggest comic book companies are gearing towards working together, but I don’t think this is any indication that Marvel are set to take over their biggest rival!

To be honest though, I’m no insider and only time will tell whether these rumours hold any weight, but as a DC comics fan, I hope they aren’t. The comic book industry needs variety and combining the two biggest companies in the medium, eliminates so much of what makes the business so special. Using one of my other biggest loves, Professional Wrestling, as an example, the wrestling business was at its best when there were two hugely popular wrestling promotions fighting it out for the top spot. WWF vs WCW pushed both companies to be at their absolute best to prevent their rival overtaking them and when WWE purchased WCW that sense of competition disappeared and with no rival to motivate them, WWE’s quality decreased drastically. This is how I see the comics industry going if Marvel takes over DC comics. With no rival company to compete against, the storytelling in the comics we love so much would undoubtedly dwindle and we’d all suffer for it.

That’s my take on the latest rumours that Marvel are set to take over DC comics, what are your thoughts on the rumours? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

Thank you!

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