DCeased: Unkillables #1 Review

Written by: Tom Taylor Pencilled by: Karl Mostert Inked by: Trevor Scott, Neil Edwards and John Livesay Coloured by: Rex Lokus Rating: 4.5/5

I absolutely adored DCeased. It was my favourite comic book in 2019 and I’ve read and reread the book so many times now and it never gets old. When the sequel book based on DC comics biggest villains during the events of the original book, I was a little worried it would taint what the first book had done and wouldn’t be able to live up to the excellence the first one set. Boy was I wrong!

Opening up with Deathstroke working a job, he encounters a room full of zombies and we get an awesome page where we see him single handedly take down each and every one of the zombies. I loved this and it showed how savage and bad ass a character Deathstroke can be when portrayed right! After all his ass kicking Slade looks at his phone and we see him start to become infected which I was pretty bummed out about as I didn’t want to see Deathstroke killed off so early so the reveal that he was immune to the infection through his self healing was a pretty awesome one!

Having Vandal Savage recruit Deathstroke and his daughter Ravager was a surprise, but one that made a lot of sense when I thought about it. With Deathstroke being immune to the infection and having the combat skills that he does, makes him the perfect person to have around for protection and having been around for thousands of years, it makes perfect sense that Vandal Savage has plans in place for extinction level events. The reveal of the team of super villains he’s already acquired was pretty cool as well. Made up of Solomon Grundy, Captain Cold, Cheetah, Deadshot, Lady Shiva, Bane and The Creeper, this is one hell of a formidable team and I’m excited to see where we go from here!

I’m a huge Jason Todd fan so I’m really excited to see him taking on a main role in this book and having him team up with Cassandra Cain and Jim Gordon feels fresh and has the opportunity to give us a brand new dynamic that we’ve yet to see. Having Jason bury the other Bat family members was a nice touch and him writing ‘Bruce Wayne, Father, Mentor, Bastard, Batman’ on his makeshift tomb stone was hilarious and felt very accurate to the character. I love that Jason pinned The Joker’s corpse to the front of the Batmobile as well as it stays true to Jason’s character and showcases his hatred for The Joker which is one of his defining traits.

I like that Jason, Cassandra and Jim have ended up at an orphanage and are going to take care of the children there. It was nice to see Jason and Cassandra reveal their identities and the identities of the rest of the Batfamily to Jim as well and the reveal that Bruce thought of Jim as family was a nice touch.

Tom Taylor just seems to understand these characters perfectly and every single of one of them just feels exactly the way they should and I 100% believe Tom is at his strongest when he can just relentlessly kill off characters and has no boundaries on who is safe and who isn’t. It makes for a real tense story and the idea that no one is to important to die leaves me on edge not knowing who could die next. The art in this issue was also fantastic and fit the tone of the book perfectly.

All in all I absolutely loved this start to Taylor’s newest venture into the DCeased universe and if you haven’t read it yet then I highly suggest you check it out as soon as you get a chance, you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you!

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