Aquaman and Wonder Woman set to face off in the upcoming Flash movie?

According to rumours circulating online, the upcoming Flash movie starring Ezra Miller, will feature a battle between Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Now if you’ve read Flashpoint or watched the DC animated movie The Flashpoint Paradox, this won’t be entirely surprising to you as it’s been stated the upcoming Flash movie will be based on the Flashpoint comic book which does in fact feature the amazon and the king of Atlantis squaring off. Now for those of you who haven’t read Flashpoint or watched the animated movie, here’s what you can expect.

Written by Geoff Johns, Flashpoint was a universe changing DC story where Barry Allenn A.K.A The Flash, goes back in time to prevent his mother’s murder. Unbeknownst to Barry, this causes a ripple effect that completely changes the landscape of the DC universe. Bruce Wayne was killed in front of his parents, leading Thomas Wayne to become a much more violent Batman than we’re used to and Martha Wayne becoming The Joker. Kal-El isn’t found by the Kents, but by the U.S government and kept in captivity, thus there’s no Superman. And, as mentioned earlier, Atlantis and Themiscyra are at war. Led by Aquaman and Wonder Woman respectively, we witness incredible fight scenes between the two and their people and the thought of seeing some of this action in live action form is pretty exciting.

It will be interesting to see if Warner Bros. are comfortable portraying these characters in the violent manner they are shown in Flashpoint as it’s a huge character change from what we’ve seen from the two in their appearances so far. I’d like to believe Warner Bros. are ok with Aquaman and Wonder Woman being portrayed accurately to the Flashpoint comic as it’s pivotal to the story and highlights just how much Barry has changed in the DC universe.

If these rumours are to be believed the prospect of seeing Gal Gadot and Jason Mamoa reprise their roles in Ezra Miller’s Flash film leave me incredibly excited and it begs the question of whether we’ll see Ray Fisher’s Cyborg and maybe some version of the Thomas Wayne Batman? The storyline works perfectly for Warner Bros. as there’s no a Bruce Wayne in Flashpoint so they won’t have to worry about integrating Robert Pattinson’s Batman into the DCEU and with Superman a much smaller and skinnier shell of the character we know, they could realistically get away with replacing Henry Cavill with someone much smaller and it won’t cause problems.

I hope these rumours prove to be true anyway as I’d love to see Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman go at it. The way these fight scenes could play out in live action should be enough to get even the biggest Flash sceptic excited for the movie!

What do you think of the Aquaman vs Wonder Woman rumours? Excited at the idea of seeing the two fight or not? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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