My Birds of Prey review!

Director: Cathy Yan
Rating: 4/5

Now I’ll be honest, I really wasn’t all that interested in seeing this movie. The Birds of Prey weren’t a comic book team I’d read much of at all and having Harley Quinn join the team just felt like any excuse to continue to over expose the popular character. That being said, I absolutely loved the film! There was so much I love about the movie, but that things that stand out the most are the soundtrack, the fight choreography and Margot Robbie’s and Ewan McGregor’s performances! So before you go any further here is a SPOILER warning! There will be SPOILERS below… Okay, that’s that!

Margot Robbie was pretty much made to play the role of Harley Quinn. She seems to grasp the inner essence of the character and portray it beautifully. Alongside Robert Downie Jr, Christopher Reece and Hugh Jackman, she’s one of the best comic book movie castings we’ve ever seen in my opinion. Moving on from the mopey version we saw in Suicide Squad who’s entire character revolved around The Joker, we got to see Robbie truly have fun in the role and give us the Harley Quinn she so wanted to be.

Black Mask has always felt like a B-List villain to me and heading into the movie I didn’t think I’d be able to take him all to seriously, but Ewan McGregor knocked it out of the park with this performance. Perfectly transitioning from charming to psychotic in mere moments, McGregor’s Roman Sionis was a terrifying man and one that I felt was capable of doing anything. Pairing him with serial killer Victor Zsasz was genius as well as it helped keep Black Mask’s hands clean for the most part. Only doing the dirty work himself when he truly needed to. My only negative with the character was that we didn’t get to see him truly engage in any hand to hand combat which would have just made the character that much more menacing.

The fight choreography was fantastic in this movie, especially the fight scenes towards the end of the movie and it suited each character of Harley Quinn, Renee Montoya, Huntress and Black Canary perfectly. While I didn’t expect it going in, the decision to have Black Canary not use her abilities until the big fight at the end was a great one and it did a great job in building up to the moment and it felt truly special when she finally used her Canary Cry.

Black Canary and Huntress were both great characters in the movie and I can’t wait to see more of them in future DCEU movies. This movie also left me really wanting a Black Canary/Green Arrow team up movie. Like I want it so bad!

The sound track was great and perfectly fit the film. No song felt out of place and each played a part in enhancing the tone of the movie! My only negatives with the movie were how lack lustre and quick Black Mask’s demise was and the way they portrayed Cassandra Cain. The a daughter of Lady Shiva and David Cain, Cassandra Cain had traditionally always been an exceptionally skilled martial artist and a mute. So to have her be a street level, wise talking thief who was in no way a fighter was a little disappointing. This is the woman is would become Orphan so to see her portrayed in such a way felt like a misjustice to the character, but other than that I absolutely loved the film.

If you haven’t seen this movie already then I highly recommend you do! It did a great job in depicting Harley as the budding anti-hero that we’ve all come to know and love and sets her up for a brighter future, starting with next year’s The Suicide Squad. One final thing I’ll say about the film is that if they happen to do a sequel (which I hope they do) I really hope they decided to bring in Barbara Gordon. Whether it’s as Batgirl or Oracle, the Birds of Prey need Barbara Gordon and as a founding member of the group, it doesn’t feel right to see them team up without her. We want Barbara!!

Hope you enjoyed my review, what did you think of the movie? Feel free to let me know!

Thank you!

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