5 comic book villains I’d like to see in future movies.

With how successful the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been and with the DC Extended Universe finding it’s feet, we’ve witnessed a plethora of different comic book villains in recent years. Whether they were comic book accurate or not, there’s no denying we’ve been blessed with how many different larger than life villains we’ve seen adapted. That being said, despite the many villains we have seen adapted, there are still a hell of a lot more waiting on the pages of our favourite comic books. Waiting to be given the big screen treatment. Looking forward, I’ve decided to write about 5 comic book villains I really want to see in future movies. Just a quick note, some of these villains we’ve seen before, some we haven’t seen in live action form yet, but I’d like to see brand new iterations of each of these comic book villains!

5. Brainiac
It actually blows my mind that in all the live action movies including Superman we’re yet to see Brainiac. We’ve seen 3 Lex Luthors, 2 General Zods and even a goddamn Nuclear Man, but somehow one of the Man of Steel’s biggest villains is nowhere to be seen. One of Superman’s most formidable foes, Brainiac is a perfect adversary for the last son of Krypton and I hope we get to see them face off in a live action movie in the near future. If Superman: Unbound is anything to go by, a Superman vs Brainiac story is well worth adapting… especially to the big screen!

4. Green Goblin Undoubtedly one of the highlights of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy was Willem Dafoe’s outing as Norman Osborne/Green Goblin. Dafoe was fantastic in the role and it truly felt like he’d come straight from the pages of a Spider-Man comic book. However, Spider-Man came out in 2002 which means it’s been 18 years since we’ve gotten a live action Norman Osborne Green Goblin. We’ve seen Harry Osborne take on the Green Goblin mantle on Sam Raimi’s trilogy and in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but both performances paled in comparison to Dafoe’s as Norman. In my opinion, it’s time we got to see a fresh take on Norman Osborne. It’s been long enough that I don’t think many will compare Dafoe’s performance with whoever takes on the role next and it will feel fresh to see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man take on his most famous foe.

3. Doctor Doom
For the love of God, all I want is a good live action Doctor Doom! How have we not gotten this yet?! One of the greatest comic book villains of all time, yet somehow each one of his live action outings so far have fallen so short of expectations that it’s pretty embarrassing. Julian McMahon’s take on the character wasn’t necessarily bad, but he never felt like Doctor Doom to me and I’m not even going to get into Toby Kebell’s iteration of the character as it may get ugly. All I’m saying is with Disney now owning the rights to the a Fantastic Four, please please please give us a great Doctor Doom!

2. Deathstroke
While the Justice League movie was incredibly disappointing and the DCEU’s take on Lex Luthor left a lot to be desired, the end credits scene from the movie seemed to set up Deathstroke as one of the next big villains in the universe. Now, with Ben Affleck no longer playing Batman, it’s unlikely we’ll ever get to see Joe Manganiello’s version of the character expand and establish himself further which is an incredible shame as he looked insanely good. The intrigue surrounding the character was immense and I hope we get to see some form of Deathstroke appearance sooner rather than later. Just think of the Batman vs Deathstroke fight scenes we could get… unbelievable!

1. Galactus
With Thanos now out of the way and Marvel once again owning the film rights to the Fantastic Four, it makes absolutely perfect sense for Galactus to become the MCU’s next big baddie. After the criminal injustice served to the character in Fantastic Four 2 (they turned him into a glorified rain cloud for pete’s sake), it’s about time we finally saw the true version of this incredibly dangerous and powerful character. With the ability to devour planets, Galactus would easily be the biggest threat to the Avengers post Thanos and it would be a huge missed opportunity if they don’t bring him into the fold now. Just give us something better than a rain cloud, please?

Well, that’s 5 comic book villains I’d like to see appear in live action movies soon! What do you think? Have I missed any you’d like to see? Please feel free to let me know in the comments!

Thank you!

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