The Three Jokers… My take on this long standing mystery.

It seems like an age ago that the idea of there being three jokers first cropped up. During the events of Darkseid War, Batman came to occupy to omnipresent Mobius Chair and was provided with the answers to anything he wanted to know. First he asked who murdered his parents and was given the expected answer of Joe Chill. Then he asked who The Joker really is and was given an obviously shocking answer judging from his reaction. We had to wait until Justice League #50 before we were told what had shocked Batman so much. The Mobius Chair had given Batman not one, not two, but three separate Joker identities, revealing there were three distinct Jokers in the DC universe. It was mentioned again during the DC Rebirth one shot, but from then on it seemed like the story had been put on the back burner as it was seemingly forgotten for quite some time.

It seemed like the concept had been axed until last year when Geoff Johns announced a Three Jokers 3 issue mini series was coming in 2020. Written by Johns himself with art by Jason Fabok, I’m so relieved we are seemingly going to finally get the answers to this long running mystery. By the time the book comes around, it’s going to be around 5 years since the idea was originally teased which is such a crazy long amount of time to wait for something like this to unfold.

While there really isn’t much clear about the upcoming book, the promotional photos we’ve seen have given us a slight idea about who the three jokers will be. It seems one of The Jokers will be the one tied to the Death in the Family story who was responsible for the death of Jason Todd. One appears to be The Joker from The Killing Joke who was responsible for crippling Barbara Gordon and the final one appears to be the one we’ve seen feature predominantly in recent years, through Scott Snyder’s and Tom King’s Batman runs.

While it seems quite silly that there may have been more than one Joker throughout Batman’s life without him noticing, The Clown Prince of Crime’s identity has always been a mystery and with a little bit of makeup and green hair dye, it doesn’t seem like it would be that hard for someone to ‘become’ The Joker. Will the three Jokers be connected? Will they be working together? Is it all part of an overarching plan to take Batman down? I cannot wait to finally get the answers to these questions!! And I think it’s going to be really interesting to see if this book will be linked to the upcoming Joker War that is due to take part in the main Batman comic.

Are you excited about the upcoming Three Jokers book? Please feel free to comment below and we’ll discuss our thoughts on the book!

Thank you!

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3 thoughts on “The Three Jokers… My take on this long standing mystery.

  1. This one could be an interesting way to explain some of the inconsistencies with the character over the years, esp since the start of the New 52, OR it could be another Geoff Johns beat an interesting idea to death move…

    We shall see… The problem is Geoff Johns’ ideas always start out great.

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