Thank you Arrow!

I remember when Smallville ended. I remember watching the two hour finale and questioning what could fill the void left by my favourite tv show of all time. Back then there wasn’t many superhero shows out there. That was all about to change!

When Arrow was announced, first I was excited. Then I was disappointed when I found out Justin Hartley wouldn’t be reprising his role from Smallville. I was still a little apprehensive about Stephen Amell taking over the role up until just before I watched the pilot. Within 20 minutes of the show’s first episode, all my worries and doubts had disappeared. Watching Stephen Amell grow in the role has made for such great tv over the years and his obvious love for the Green Arrow character has always been clear to see. He wasn’t just an actor looking to get paid, he truly cared about the character he was playing.

While the show often strayed from it’s source material, it still gave us many incredible moments. From compelling villains like Malcolm Merlyn, Deathstroke or Prometheus, to great original characters like Felicity Smoak and John Diggle, the show always delivered when bringing new characters to Oliver Queen’s world. The show was responsible for introducing us to Ray Palmer’s The Atom, Barry Allen’s The Flash and Roy Harper’s Arsenal as well as many more. Although the show dipped in quality from time to time (it never again reached the levels of hype and excitement it reached in season 2), it never felt unwatchable to me and always left me wanting more.

The final lineup of ‘Team Arrow’

Without a doubt though, the biggest achievement of Arrow’s 8 year run was the part it played in creating the Arrowverse. If Arrow wasn’t such a successful show, I highly doubt The CW would have greenlit the backdoor pilot for The Flash and from there we definitely wouldn’t have seen the universe expand, bringing all of these wonderful comic book characters to life. It was because of Arrow that we finally got to see Marv Wolfman’s epic event ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ adapted onto the small screen. It was because of Arrow that we got to see the highly talked about Grant Gustin-Ezra Miller flash crossover during the previously mentioned Crisis crossover. If it wasn’t for Arrow we wouldn’t have gotten to see Kevin Conroy as a live action Batman or Tom Welling reprise his Smallville role as Clark Kent. We wouldn’t have gotten to see Manu Bennett’s fantastic take on Deathstroke or Melissa Benoist giving us the best live action Supergirl to date.

The Arrowverse.

All in all I just want to say thank you. Thank you to The CW. Thank you to everyone on the Arrow team behind the camera and in front of it. I want to say thank you to David Ramsey, to Katie Cassidy, to Emily Bett Rickards, to John Barrowman, to Willa Holland, to Colton Haynes and to many many more of the great actors we’ve seen bringing some of our favourite DC comics characters to life. Finally, I want to thank Stephen Amell for giving his absolute all when becoming Oliver Queen. I want to thank Stephen for being the driving force behind what has become the Arrowverse.

Thank you, Stephen Amell.

It feels like poetic justice that the Arrowverse started with Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen and his exit from the role came directly from him sacrificing himself to create an entirely new DC universe. Stephen Amell created the Arrowverse and Oliver Queen created the post crisis DC universe. Perfect.

I hope you enjoyed reading this little Arrow appreciation post and I hope you all enjoyed the show as much as I did!

Thank you!

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