Batman/Superman #6

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: David Marquez
Rating: 2.5/5

When he first debuted, I loved The Batman Who Laughs. He felt fresh and was a very interesting character. I was excited about the stories that could be told with him, but over 2 years later and the concept has grown stale. In my opinion, he’s been far too overused and I’m quite happy that this is hopefully the last of him in Batman/Superman. Starting off the issue with Batman and Superman talking to the still infected Jim Gordon, Gordon just rants at the two and the general theme of his rant and of the issue as a whole is lying and the lack of trust the Justice League members seem to have in each other. We even see several Justice League members conversing about the situation and conveying their shock at Batman and Superman keeping it all from them.

One major example of this is when Batman and Superman go to find Wonder Woman, who has been ignoring them, and she pretty much tells them she doesn’t trust them anymore, before leaving to find Donna Troy. Other than that we see the two separate and head back to their own cities to fight crime before meeting up again to discuss how Wonder Woman was right. There’s a funny little moment here where Batman comments on Clark wearing glasses even though his secret identity is no more and Clark blaming it as old habits. Personally if I was Bruce I’d try not to be seen with Clark as many people could put two and two together and deduce he’s Batman, but I digress.

We seem to be moving on quite quickly to the next story arc and the lack of a definitive conclusion to this one is a little disappointing, but I’m just glad we’re going to move on from The Batman Who Laughs and start something fresh and boy does the next story look intriguing! The issue ends with Zod going to see Ra’s al Ghul and the two look set to battle in the upcoming issues. How Superman and Batman will play into that we’ll soon see, but I can’t wait to find out and the fight scenes we’re about to get could be nothing short of stunning!

All in all the issue was mediocre, nothing much happened and if it wasn’t for the end with Zod and Ra’s, I wouldn’t even say it was worth reading. Other than that, the art was incredible and I can’t wait to see where Joshua Williamson takes us from here!

Thank you!

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