Crisis on Infinite Earths Review!

No matter how many story arcs we see adapted in live action movies and tv shows, there’s a select few that are considered unfilmable. There’s too much going on that bringing these stories to life in live action form seem almost impossible. For the longest time DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths was top of that list. Written by Marv Wolfman, Crisis on Infinite Earths brought an end to DC’s multiverse with The Anti-Monitor destroying countless universes. Infinite versions of our favourite characters perished as their universes were erased and it was used to simplify DC’s continuity and leave us with just one universe. Despite all of this, The CW defied the odds and managed to create a wonderful adaptation of what was previously thought of as undoable and left me feeling really satisfied with what I saw. Now before I get into it, I best issue a SPOILER ALERT so if you haven’t watched the show yet and don’t want it to be spoiled, quit reading now!!!

I absolutely loved all of the little cameos we saw throughout the five episode crossover. We got to see Burt Ward’s Robin from the ’66 Batman TV show, John Wesley Shipp’s Barry Allen Flash from the 1990 TV show, Ashley Scott’s Huntress from the short lived Birds of Prey TV show and Tom Ellis’s Lucifer Morningstar from the Lucifer TV show. We even got a brief cameo from Marv Wolfman, the man who wrote the original story. Now there were many many more cameos, but below are my 3 favourite ones.

Kevin Conroy as Batman:
One of the best moments of the entire crossover was finally seeing Kevin Conroy making his live action debut as Batman. After being without a doubt the defining voice of Batman in the animated form, it felt only right to see Conroy portray the character in live action at least once. Now, I wasn’t a fan of the direction they went in with the Batman they had Conroy take on, but it was still nice to see him get his chance to be Bruce Wayne.

Kevin Conroy finally made his live action Batman debut.

Tom Welling as Clark Kent:
Smallville is my favourite tv show of all time. It’s what helped me fall in love with the Superman character and is the main reason he is my favourite superhero of all time. Seeing Tom Welling and Erica Durance reprise their roles as Clark and Lois respectively from the show was such a satisfying moment for me and seeing how they were happily married and had children felt right. My only negatives about this is how short the appearance was and learning Clark had given up his powers, meaning his time as Superman wasn’t very long at all.

Tom Welling made his highly anticipated return as Smallville’s Clark Kent.

Ezra Miller as The Flash:
Without a shadow of a doubt the most shocking moment of the entire crossover was the appearance of Ezra Miller as The Flash. Known for playing the character in the DCEU live action movies, I don’t think a single one of us watching the show last night expected Ezra to be involved. It was such a satisfying moment seeing the two most famous versions of Barry Allen come face to face and the actors chemistry together was obvious to see. I still can’t believe they managed to keep this secret quiet, genuine surprises don’t come around often anymore so this was a very satisfying moment.

Another major highlight of the crossover was how they integrated Black Lightning into the Arrowverse and he instantly felt like he belonged and with the end of the arc merging his Earth with the rest of the Arrowverse heroes, I look forward to seeing him in more crossovers going forward.

My only big negatives were:

How underutilized Superman was throughout the event:
Brandon Routh did a fantastic job as Kingdom Come Superman and to see him killed off so early on was a major disappointment and how little Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman had to do was a huge let down and my only hope is that with the upcoming Superman and Lois show, his importance within the Arrowverse and during these crossovers grows exponentially. It just doesn’t sit right with me seeing him take a back seat and taking orders from Supergirl, Green Arrow and White Canary. Superman has historically been the leader of the Justice League and hopefully we see that version of the character going forward.

Green Arrow’s sacrifice and lack of goodbye with John and Felicity:
While Green Arrow’s sacrifice and death was an emotional one and the emotions Barry and Sara showed whilst by his side during his final moments felt genuine, it didn’t feel right that John Diggle and Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen’s closest allies since the very beginning of the Arrowverse were absent. After embarking on this journey with Oliver from the start, eight seasons ago, John and Felicity should have been there for the end of Oliver’s journey and even though we saw John’s reaction to the loss later on, we never got to see Felicity even finding out about Oliver’s passing. As his wife, Felicity should have definitely been included in Oliver’s emotional and final moments.

With the crossover concluding with Barry setting up the Halls of Justice, the future of the Arrowverse looks exciting and fresh and I can’t wait to see what direction they go in. Finally, goodbye Oliver Queen and thank you for making this crossover possible. If it wasn’t for how successful Arrow was we wouldn’t have the Arrowverse as it is today and would have missed out on many incredible characters and moments throughout the last 8 years so again, thank you Oliver Queen.

Farewell Oliver Queen! You will be missed.

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7 thoughts on “Crisis on Infinite Earths Review!

  1. Good review. I think John Wesley Shipp’s 1990s Flash deserved a nod also however. He slowed down the Anti-Monitor, and prevented the CW Flash from sacrificing himself. The 90’s version was a great show and even had Mark Hamill as The Trickster. We wouldn’t have multiple Flash characters in the current show without that incarnation.

    It’s really amazing how many DC shows got a brief nod. Even Batman ’66. The only one that I know was missed was Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman.

    1. Yeah I don’t know how he slipped my mind! He played a huge part and his last moments were it showed his wife from the 90’s tv show were emotional as hell! Hamill’s trickster was great! Yeah there was no Lynda Carter and no one from the tv show Gotham appeared!

      1. I forgot about Gotham, lol. Lucifer was almost as big a shock for me as movie Flash though.

        Shipp was supposedly thrilled that he finally got a proper closure for his character. I hope they keep him around in the Arrowverse though.

        Hmmm… With all the universes merged, AND the movie Flash making an appearance in the show before the merger… Does that mean the CW Flash in now the movie one?? 😀

      2. Yeah I didn’t expect Lucifer at all! Yeah I hope he sticks around as Jay Garrick in some capacity! I’d love for Gustin to show up in the mobile and with Ezra’s Flash mentioning Victor, I’m hoping Cyborg will be in it too!

  2. Reblogged this on Silk Chatters and commented:
    I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about the CW television network’s adaptation of DC Comics “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. Well, a new mutual follow did a great review, so I’m sharing it instead. Mainly because I’m up to my eyeballs in moving prep, lol.

    Those not into comic books may not understand what a huge event this was. It was the first attempt by a comic book company to completely reboot their continuity and storylines. Almost 50 years of stories that spanned hundreds of heroes and villains across several alternate realities were just wiped away.

    Trying to recreate it in a movie, much less a TV show was thought to be impossible. Not only did DC & the CW pull it off though, they managed cameos from nearly every DC Comics based TV show and movie, starting with 1966 Batman, the Micheal Keaton Batman, The Christopher Reeves Superman, Smallville, the live action Titans show. Lucifer, all the way up to a surprise appearance by the new DC Movie Universe version of The Flash meeting his CW counterpart. The only show sadly not represented was Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman form the 70s.

    I’m not sure if that was because Lynda Carter formerly had a role as the President in CW’s Supergirl and they felt they couldn’t introduce a Wonder Woman that looked like the President, OR Carter and the Network couldn’t come to terms for some reason.

    Anyway, enjoy a very well done review below.

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