DC’s 5G initiative… positive movement or unnecessary change?

Jonathan Kent is being primed to step into his father’s boots.

So last year DC announced it’s upcoming 5G event. What will occur during a crisis level event, the plan is for all of DC’s main superheroes such as Superman, Batman, The Flash and Green Lantern to be aged up significantly and replaced with new, younger characters stepping into their roles. The changes are shaping up to be rather surprising choices with certain heroes being replaced by someone other than their side kicks. For example, Bruce Wayne will be replaced by Luke Fox, Lucius Fox’s son. Superman however, will be replaced by Jonathan Kent, his son which makes a lot of sense.

To me, it all seems rather unnecessary to me and isn’t an event I’m really looking forward to. Call me old fashioned, but I am a huge fan of the legacy versions of these characters and love having Clark as Superman, Bruce as Batman, Barry as The Flash and so on. I just don’t feel like the DC universe needs such a large upheaval. Considering it hasn’t even been 4 years since the DC Rebirth event kicked off, it all feels rather soon to me. And if we’re honest, sooner or later we’ll just see the original iterations of these characters brought back so it just feels like we’re going to waste our time getting into these versions of our favourite heroes before the classic ones are inevitably brought back.

Surprisingly, Luke Fox is set to take over from Bruce Wayne as Batman, not one of his former Robin sidekicks.

I just don’t see this movement being very successful and even if it is, what does that mean? That we won’t have Clark or Bruce back in their famed roles for the foreseeable future? I can’t see many fans being too happy about that.

Now the one positive I can see with this is with the new versions of these superheroes all getting brand new books, which will all start as pretty much origin stories later this year, this will be the perfect jumping on point for brand new comic book readers. The one thing DC always wants to do is encourage brand new comic book readers and I feel like this 5G initiative is 100% aimed at bringing in plenty of new eyes to their product.

Who knows, these new heroes will undoubtedly bring in new villains which hopefully guarantees fresh stories and could breath new life into the DC universe. But I’m not particularly holding out hope for that. Never the less I’ll give it a try and hopefully I am proven very much wrong and we’re given a great new chapter in the long illustrious history of DC comics!

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4 thoughts on “DC’s 5G initiative… positive movement or unnecessary change?

  1. I’ve got to agree here. I’m a legacy character person myself. The constant reboots and crisis scenarios from DC and Marvel show a lack of long term planning on their story telling. The emphasis seems to be on just creating bigger and bigger challenges to fight instead of quality storytelling and opponents that think.

    They don’t understand its not working and insist yet another reboot will fix everything. How many has C gone through since the New 52? 😦

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