The Rise Of Kylo Ren #1 and #2

Writer: Charles Soule

Artist: Will Sliney

Rating: 4/5

From probably the age of 3, I’ve always been a Star Wars fan. From movies, to the animated shows, to the video games, I’ve always consumed as much Star Wars content as I could. I’ve also read number Star Wars novels, but despite being a massive comic book fan, I haven’t read a single Star Wars comic. Until this week that is. Starting this week I decided to jump on the Rise of Kyle Ren series as it only 2 issues in so here’s my thoughts on the first 2 issues of the book.

So, at long last I finally decided to give a Star Wars comic book a chance and I was not disappointed! I really enjoyed what I saw from the first 2 issues of this book and I’m already looking forward to seeing more! I was a bit disappointed that the book opened with Ben having already destroyed the Jedi Order as I’d have quite liked to see the character build up to that moment rather than it happen right away and see his earlier life in flash backs. Charles Soule does a fantastic job writing this book and the art by Will Sliney is outstanding. My only gripe with the art is how Snoke looks, he just doesn’t look as intimidating as he does in the movies, but other than that it all looks fantastic.

My favourite aspect of the series so far is the back story of the Knights of Ren being explored, which was well needed as they were majorly underutilised in the sequel trilogy and should have played a much bigger role through the three films in my opinion. Seeing Ben communicate with Snoke through the force at least a year before he became Kylo Ren is interesting as well as it adds weight to his decision to turn to the dark side and shows how long it took for Snoke to convince him to abandon the Jedi.

I kind of wish that this book, or these first two issues at least, was released before The Rise of Skywalker was released as Ben’s redemption and eventual death would have meant much more if we’d have seen the journey he went on that led to the dark side and him taking down the Knights of Ren would have felt more important and impressive if we’d have actually learnt anything about them before he did so! That being said I’ll definitely continue to read this series and may have even been convinced to check out some of Marvel’s other Star Wars comics!

Have you read The Rise of Kylo Ren issues 1 and 2 yet? If so what are your thoughts? Be sure to let me know! There’s nothing I enjoy more than discussing comics with fellow fans!


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