2020 The resurrection of Wally West!

Growing up one of my first encounters with superheroes was the Justice League and the Justice League Unlimited cartoons. I would watch those shows religiously and although Superman was my standout favourite superhero, a trend which has stuck with me through my entire life, The Flash was always a character I felt invested in. Wally West, voiced by Michael Rosenbaum, felt larger than life and his role in the cartoon played a huge role in The Flash being one of the first ever comic books I would go on to read.

Although Barry Allen went on to be my favourite version of The Flash, Wally West is still hugely important to me and his disappearance from the DC universe after the events of Flashpoint, with no explanation whatsoever, was something I really took to heart as a child so when it was announced Wally was returning in the DC Rebirth event, I was understandably thrilled and so excited to see one of my favourite heroes back in the main DC continuity.

Unfortunately after a promising start to his return, his first encounter with Barry and the Flash War were fantastic, Wally’s return quickly lost steam and it all came to ahead when after only returning to the DC universe for two years, Wally West was seemingly killed in the Heroes in Crisis event only for it to be revealed he was alive all along and was in fact the one behind all the superhero murders at Sanctuary. I remember reading Heroes in Crisis and being so frustrated with how much they were butchering Wally’s character and couldn’t understand why they couldn’t seem to just give the fans what they wanted and treat Wally properly.

Thankfully, it seems DC have begun to right a lot of their wrongs with the ongoing solo mini series Wally is currently starring in, Flash Forward. We’re only 4 issues in, but I am LOVING this mini series and the book as a whole feels like it’s repairing so much of the damage that’s been done to Wally’s character over the years and I for one couldn’t be happier about it.

I may be being optimistic here as a Wally West fan, but with the great job that Flash Forward continues to do rebuilding Wally up as a great hero, worthy of being the fastest Flash there is, he’ll hopefully be brought back into the main DC universe, whether that be in another solo book of his own, a new Titans book or even just with Barry Allen in his Flash title. I’m hoping that with the death of Donna Troy in the season 2 finale, season 3 of Titans will see Wally West join the Titans, marking 2020 as the year Wally West rises back to prominence in the DC universe, regains long lost popularity and FINALLY makes his live action debut… Ahh, well a fan can dream eh?

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