New creative team, new buzz for Batman #86

Unlike many, I quite enjoyed the majority of Tom King’s 85 issue Batman run. Sure, there were certain aspects I wasn’t fond of, but more often than not I enjoyed what I was reading so I was disappointed when I heard he was leaving the book for a new Batman and Catwoman series. I was even more disappointed when he left the book a lot earlier than initially planned, but the announcement of James Tynion IV taking over filled me with optimism that he’d be more than capable of filling King’s boots. After working on Detective Comics for 47 issues and contributing to countless books that feature the Dark Knight, there was probably no one more suited to taking over the book than James Tynion IV and after one issue, while it may be too early to tell, it seems that DC got their decision correct!

With Bane gone and Alfred dead, Bruce Wayne sets about rebuilding Gotham City. Hoping to improve his home outside of outright fighting crime, Bruce has a plan for the future of Gotham and his plans are only interrupted by the arrival of a group of assassins in Gotham. Led by Deathstroke, we see Slade Wilson, Dark Archer and two new assassins arrive in Gotham. Under the guidance of a new mystery villain, this issue shows Batman set about finding why they have come to his city.

While not much happened in the book, Tynion did a great job laying ground work for what looks like a very interesting and exciting story arc for Batman and he did a really good job showing how Bruce is struggling with the loss of Alfred. There’s a moment in the book which highlights this wonderfully and I think it does a fantastic job in showing how despite being Batman, Bruce is still human and he still mourns the way the rest of us do, making him more relatable in the process.

My only gripe with the entire issue is how Deathstroke is handled. Heading into the issue, I was aware Deathstroke would be working for a third party and wouldn’t be the main villain in the story, but I was hoping he’d be presented as more of a threat to Batman and to see him dispatched so quickly and easily left me with a sour taste in my mouth. All in all I really enjoyed the issue, I thought the art by Tony S. Daniel and Danny Miki was beautiful and I look forward to reading more of James Tynion IV’s run.

Well, there’s my thoughts on the first issue of James Tynion IV’s new Batman run. Hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to get in touch to let me know your thoughts on the book, I’d love to hear from you and I’m always happy to discuss comics!

Thank you!

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